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Sierrasil Joint Care

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SierraSil Book Mineral Miracle (SC)
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SierraSil Joint Formula Powder 240g
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SierraSil Joint Formula14 180 caps
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SierraSil Joint Formula14 Capsules 90's
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SierraSil Joint Formula14 Drink Mix Lemon Lime - 240gm
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SierraSil Joint Formula14 Pet Chews - 100 tabs
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SierraSil Joint Formula14 Pet Chews - 30 tabs
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SierraSil Pain Free Topical Spray 30ml
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Using SierraSil Joint Care Formula

Can I take SierraSil if I am pregnant?

Our clinical studies have not included pregnant or breastfeeding women. Therefore we recommend for any specific health conditions, including pregnancy and breast feeding consult with your physician first. There is however no known reason to be concerned with taking SierraSil if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I take SierraSil while on medication?

Please advise your health care practitioner prior to using any new medications or supplements, including SierraSil. SierraSil is a natural mineral powder that has been extensively tested for safety and is not known to have any adverse effects, however SierraSil should be taken at a different time of day, than your medication or supplements. Take SierraSil with water at least half an hour before, or two hours after a meal or other beverages. Additionally, drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day to support the multiple health benefits of SierraSil. Take medications and supplements four hours before or after SierraSil. Call customer care if you have any questions, including the best time to take SierraSil.

Can my pet take SierraSil?

Anecdotal evidence suggests pets benefit from taking SierraSil. Many of our customers try it on their pets with great results. For cats and small to medium dogs we suggest feeding your pet up to one capsule (667 mg) per day preferable on an empty stomach. If it is difficult to feed your pet on an empty stomach you may open a capsule up and sprinkle the SierraSil powder on food. For pets over 23kg (50 lbs) increase dosage to one capsule per 20 kg (44 lbs). If using the SierraSil powder product use one quarter a scoop to half a scoop for small to medium pets and one level scoop for large pets.

Can SierraSil be taken if I have a sensitive stomach?

SierraSil is a natural mineral complex that helps to curb inflammation in the body, including the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. SierraSil is best taken on an empty stomach at least half an hour before eating to help prime the GI tract and reduce inflammation that may lead to indigestion. GI conditions such as acid reflux, gas, bloating, constipation, leaky gut syndrome and Crohns disease have been reported to benefit from SierraSil due to its abilty to balance pH and protect the mucosal lining of the gut. For individuals with sensitive stomach, we recommend starting with a serving of 1 capsule per day and gradually increasing your serving as required. For all people, we recommend taking SierraSil in the morning (before youve eaten breakfast) for great results, however if you are already on a strict routine with other medications fit it in as best as you can. If you have any questions about the best time of day for your to take SierraSil, please call customer service.

Do I have to take SierraSil forever?

Yes, most SierraSil users want to!. If you are taking SierraSil to reduce pain or stiffness, youll likely want to keep taking SierraSil to continue to enjoy the liberating benefits it provides. Many users have reported that after experiencing relief from SierraSil then discontinuing it, found their pain returned. After starting it up again the pain subsided.

Do you have a 100% money back guarantee?

SierraSil products are backed by a 100% guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the results, please contact SierraSil within 60 days to complete the return slip and send it with invoice of proof of purchase, and a full refund will be honored. Please note that a full refund can only be guaranteed when SierraSil is purchased directly through the company, SierraSil cannot guaranteed third party sellers will honor this refund policy. Please contact SierraSil customer service before sending any product or receipts for a refund. A valid receipt and return slip must be provided from 60 days within original purchase date. Once the return slip and receipt are received by the company a full refund, less shipping charges, will be processed.

Does SierraSil always work?

For the majority of people, SierraSil works quickly in 2 weeks or less. For the few who dont notice benefits within their first bottle, it is important to understand that by following the dosage guidelines very closely, SierraSil works to reduce inflammation in the whole body, not just the joints. The timing of feeling observable benefits can vary between individuals because the body prioritizes the delivery of nutrients. Essential life functions and organs receive vital nutrients first to ensure critical life functions are optimized. For example if our blood is acidic minerals are used to balance or buffer our blood pH. Having a blood pH of around 7.4 is ideal for the transportation of oxygen. Our bodies require minerals daily and when we dont receive adequate supplies, mineral deficiencies occur and inflammation sets in causing symptoms of pain and swelling. SierraSil begins replenishing trace mineral deficiencies quickly and calming inflammation all over the body, within 2 hours after ingestion. For those who have had chronic mineral deficiencies over a long period of time it my take a few bottles to begin noticing the benefits of SierraSil as you build up your mineral reserves. If you would like further information or have some questions please contact the SierraSil client relations department.

Does SierraSil interfere with prescription or OTC anti-inflammatory products?

Some of these are great products for brief, short term use and if you consider not needing to use these as much anymore, thats interference! SierraSil helps to correct underlying mineral imbalances that cause inflammation in the body, thus reducing or eliminating the need for over the counter pain relievers. It is typically safe to take SierraSil and medications; however they should be taken at a separate time of day to ensure their effectiveness. Take SierraSil four hours after or before medications or supplements. Click here to see the complete serving guidelines and follow closely. If you have any questions about the best time to take SierraSil please call SierraSil customer service.

Has there been any research on SierraSil?

SierraSil is supported quality scientific evidence, highlighted by bioaccessibility testing, acute oral toxicity studies, a mechanism of action study, a human pilot study, a long-term use study and an internationally registered, randomized, multi-centered, double-blind placebo controlled trial, the gold standard in clinical evidence. The results of this extensive testing consistently show SierraSil to be a safe and effective, complimenting the experience of thousands of satisfied customers. 

How do I purchase SierraSil?

SierraSil is available in natural health food retailers, select professional health care practitioners and direct through Sierra Mountain Minerals. To set up a wholesale account or if you have any questions regarding where to find SierraSil in your area, please contact the sales department.

How is SierraSil different?

Unlike most joint health supplements or over the counter products and pharmaceuticals, SierraSil is a naturally-occurring combination of earth minerals. Consider that other supplements, such as chondroitin or glucosamine, provide ingredients the human body already creates on its own. These ingredients, such as sulfur as found in MSM or amino sugars found in Glucosamine are very common in nature and are usually derived from animal parts, shellfish, corn extracts, fermented products and imported ingredients for use in supplements. Anti-inflammatory NSAID drugs such as Advil and COX-2 inhibitors such as Celebrex are sourced from various steroids, hormones and enzymes and have well-documented potential serious side-effects. In contrast, minerals cannot be created within the body and are essential for optimum health because they fund 1000s of biological functions. SierraSil provides a complete combination of trace minerals that the body uses immediately to replenish mineral deficiencies. SierraSil stands out for the speed and consistency of efficacy within the natural joint health category of supplements. Most users feel better in just two weeks. Other natural supplements may or may not work and can take many months to notice any benefits.

I have arthritic pain - will SierraSil work for me?

Clinical and anecdotal evidence confirms that most SierraSil users feel better in just two weeks. SierraSil reduces inflammation and down-regulates specific enzymes involved in the inflammatory process and reduces cartilage breakdown. By helping to prevent cartilage breakdown, SierraSil provides significant protection against joint pain and inflammation. 

Is SierraSil beneficial for athletes?

Yes athletes benefit from SierraSil in a number of ways. SierraSil promotes flexibility and mobility, providing increased stamina and endurance. SierraSil relieves pain and inflammation due to muscle exhaustion; promotes healthy cartilage growth and helps prevent cartilage breakdown. In general SierraSil promotes vitality and well-being. SierraSil gives you the endurance you need to enjoy the activities you love, even high intensity exercises. For professional and highly athletic people, we recommend taking SierraSil 1 to 3 hours before the activity to aid in endurance and recovery while reducing post exercise stiffness. SierraSil should be taken on an empty stomach with only water. Please review the complete serving guidelines to maximize the effectiveness of SierraSil.

Is SierraSil vegetarian or imported from another country?

SierraSil is 100% vegetarian and vegan compatible, and all capsules are VegiCaps. SierraSil contains no sugar, starch, salt, wheat, gluten, corn, flavoring or preservatives. The SierraSil ingredient is BC Kosher certified. The SierraSil mineral powder is sourced and bottled in America.

Should I continue to take other joint care products?

That is up to you. Some joint care supplements provide ingredients a healthy body already makes and therefore may not be necessary; others may complement the benefits of SierraSil. Most consumers find SierraSil provides a sufficient level of benefits that they do not need to take other joint care products. That said SierraSil alone is not a substitute for healthy living. To compliment SierraSil's effectiveness we recommend a diet of wholesome foods, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and essential fatty acids. Avoid or reduce highly processed foods. Healthy lifestyle choices include regular exercise, a full nights rest and reduced stress.

What is the recommended serving of SierraSil Joint Formula 14?

SierraSil Serving Guidelines
For best results take the SierraSil capsules with only water, together (at one time) and away from food. Food or other beverages such as coffee, tea, juice or milk should be taken at least 30 minutes after, or 2 hours prior to SierraSil. Take medications and supplements at least 4 hours before or after SierraSil. SierraSil has detoxifying properties due to its rich clay mineral composition therefore it is strongly recommended drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day. Increased water intake assists the body in flushing out toxins and heavy metals that are eliminated out of the body when using SierraSil. The serving size is based on a body weight of 70 kg (154 lbs). Please refer to the chart below to find your weight and the corresponding number of capsules to take.

Recommended Serving: (Adults) Taken once daily, follow the serving chart below for number of capsules per body weight.


Body Weight
Number of Capsules
Up to 175 lbs
3 capsules
175 230 lbs
4 capsules
Over 230lbs
5 capsules
·         Special conditions: A loading dose can be taken for first time users and those who have been suffering for many years. A loading dose is double the recommended daily serving size and can be taken for the first month. Athletes and active adults participating in high intensity exercise can take SierraSil® 1 to 3 hours before the activity to aid endurance and recovery while reducing post exercise stiffness. For those in fragile, weakened conditions, living with multiple pre-existing medical condition or sensitive stomachs start with one capsule, once per day and gradually work your way up to the recommended serving.
SierraSil Topical Spray:
The topical spray works quickly to relieve minor aches and pains. Apply topically to the affected area. Avoid use with sunscreen.
SierraSil Topical Spray Spa:
Spray a couple pumps into the hot water as your bath fills.
SierraSil alone is not a substitute for healthy living, to compliment SierraSils effectiveness we recommend a diet of wholesome foods, including plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole grains. Avoid or reduce highly processed foods. Healthy lifestyle choices include regular exercise a full nights rest and reduced stress.

When will I start to enjoy the benefits of SierraSil?

Our clinical research shows that people using SierraSil can start to feel better anywhere between a few days to a couple of weeks.   It is important to note that the minerals in SierraSil start to work in the first 2 hours after taking your daily serving. For individuals who have been suffering with many pre existing medical conditions and chronic inflammatory states for many years, it may take longer then the first bottle.

Who should take SierraSil?

SierraSil is recommended for people from all stages of life - adults suffering from sore joints, muscle or tissue pain, whether related to activity or health conditions; seniors seeking to maintain or regain independence through increased flexibility and mobility; active people and athletes wanting to increase workout intensity and reduce post-exercise stiffness; people wanting to improve their digestive health; and anybody looking for a daily trace mineral supplement.

Why do I have to take SierraSil on an empty stomach?

SierraSil's composition naturally promotes an ideal digestive environment and rapid ionization or absorption of the minerals. When taken with water on an empty stomach, SierraSil has a pH of about 3.5, which allows the beneficial minerals to be easily ionized and presented to the tissues to simultaneously replenish mineral deficiencies and restore metabolic balance. It is very important to always take SierraSil on an empty stomach. If taken with food, medications or supplements the clay component of SierraSil will become bound to food components such as fiber, phytates and phosphates, as well your medications or supplements and will not be absorbed into the body but will instead pass right through with all the contents its intact. If taking SierraSil with food and medications the maximum intended benefits will not be realized because the proper concentrations were not absorbed into the body.

Why do you recommend increasing water intake?

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day keeps you hydrated and will compliment the benefits of SierraSil. It is important to keep your body hydrated to ensure cardiovascular health and to promote the effective removal of toxins from your body and skin through the detoxifying properties of SierraSil. Water will help to soften and loosen impacted material lining the walls of the intestine and colon, aiding in the detoxification process. This material is absorbed by the clay component of SierraSil and removed from the body, resulting in better absorption of vital nutrients.

Research on SierraSil

Experts have put SierraSil through intense testing and analysis. The consistent outcome of the lab, invitro and human clinical trials are that SierraSil is a safe and effective way to enhance joint health, mobility and flexibility. Research also shows that the benefits of SierraSil are usually felt within 14 days or less.

SierraSil is therefore an exceptional natural product for people who suffer from chronic joint aches and inflammation. Among natural products SierraSil is one of the most consistent and fast acting alternatives while providing supplement health enhancing benefits. Please explore this section for a closer look at the research.

Clinical Support

SierraSil Clinical Studies

SierraSil has been subjected to two rigorous clinical studies and a mechanism of action study, which demonstrate that SierraSil is effective in reducing joint pain and discomfort associated with osteoarthritis within 2 weeks of treatment. Both of the clinical studies measured SierraSil's effects on joint pain, stiffness and physical function and mobility were assessed using the Western Ontario and McMaster Universities (WOMAC) Osteoarthritis Index, a disease-specific self-administered health status measure that is clinically accepted as reflecting osteoarthritis disease activity. From these extensive scientific assessments, experts agree that SierraSil is safe and effective in rapidly relieving joint stiffness, pain and discomfort, while also promoting healthy joint function.The details of these exciting studies are described below.

1. Human Pilot Study

In a 10 person pilot study, patients with moderate osteoarthritis of the knee were randomly divided into two groups one group taking SierraSil alone and the other taking SierraSil plus Vincaria, a cats claw extract. The total daily dosage of SierraSil in this study was 3 capsules/day (2 g), and patients were not allowed to use rescue medications such as ibuprofen or aspirin. Baseline WOMAC scores were used as the primary efficacy variable. The capsules were taken for 10 days and post-therapy WOMAC scores and any side effects were noted. 100% of the patients in this pilot study reported significant improvements in their symptoms within 1 week of treatment, without side effects.

2. Internationally Registered Multi-Centre, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Clinical Trial

In a internationally registered, multi-centered, randomized, double blind human clinical trial published in the Journal of Inflammation, over 100 patients with mild to moderate osteoarthritis took either low-dose (2 g), high-dose (3 g), low-dose SierraSil with cats claw extract or placebo. The primary efficacy variable of the study was the WOMAC (Western Ontario and McMaster Universities) Osteoarthritis Index. The research showed that the beneficial effects of SierraSil on joint function and mobility were greater in the SierraSil treated groups compared to placebo. The therapeutic effects of SierraSil were rapid with no side effects, and statistically significant benefits were noted within one week of treatment.


Miller MJ, Mehta K, Kunte S, Raut V, Gala J, Dhumale R, Shukla A, Tupalli H, Parikh H, Bobrowski P, Chaudhary J. Early relief of osteoarthritis symptoms with a natural mineral supplement and a herbomineral combination: a randomized controlled trial. J Inflamm (Lond). 2005 Oct 21;2:11.

3. Mechanism of Action Study

The positive results of the clinical studies on SierraSil are further supported by a mechanism of action study, published in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association (JANA). This study on human knee cartilage showed that SierraSil prevented cartilage breakdown by 68 - 73% in vitro. The results of this study suggest that SierraSil may affect transcriptional events, which is shown by the reduced production of nitric oxide in response to a specific inflammatory compound that promotes cartilage breakdown in the joints (cytokine IL-1B). Inhibitors of nitric oxide production, such as SierraSil, are clinically recognized to benefit numerous inflammatory diseases including arthritis. This study demonstrates the mechanism of action for the beneficial effects on joint health and function seen in the clinical trials.


Miller MJ, Ahmed S, Bobrowski P, Haqqi T. Suppression of Human Cartilage Degradation and Chondrocyte Activation by a Unique Mineral Supplement (SierraSil) and a Cats Claw Extract, Vincaria. JANA 2004; 7(2): 32-39.


SierraSil Safety Research

SierraSil Health Inc. is committed to providing only the most safe and effective product to our customers. Therefore, in addition to the safety testing inherent in the clinical studies performed on SierraSil, several other safety studies and tests have been carried out to demonstrate the safety of SierraSil. These tests include the following toxicity and bioaccessiblity tests, which together provide sound evidence of the safety of SierraSil.

1. Sub-Acute Oral Toxicity Study

In this study, a pharmaceutical industry standard 90-day SAOT study on 60 rats at 3 dosage levels, the highest being 35 times the Recommended Intake Level (RIL), found SierraSil safe. An exhaustive and thorough examination of animal organs found no evidence of accumulation of any heavy metals or any toxic effects due to SierraSil. Based on the findings of this study, the no-observed-adverse-effect-level (NOAEL) of SierraSil in Sprague Dawley rats, following oral administration for 90 days was found to be more than 2,000 mg/kg body weight, the maximum dosage tested.

2. Bioaccessibility Testing

Pharmaceutical standard bioaccessibility testing was carried out on SierraSil to confirm that the levels of individual minerals in SierraSil are within safe recommended intake limits. The results show that only minute quantities of many minerals in SierraSil are made available for absorption by the body, indicating not only that SierraSil is very safe for consumption but also suggests an additive effect between the minerals and with the clay mineral structure to elicit the beneficial effects. Please refer to the Element Mineral Table attachment for details on the mineral content of SierraSil and the Bioaccessibility Test Results.

3. Medical Analysis

A small medical analysis was performed on 10 patients to evaluate their general chemistry and hematology after taking a recommended dosage of SierraSil. The results showed no adverse effects on chemistry or hematological parameters in these patients. Furthermore, it was determined that SierraSil has beneficial effects on C Reactive Protein (CRP), a key compound in the inflammatory process.

Five seconds can make a world of difference in a race, yet alone 5 seconds every 100 meters. Since trying SierraSil Joint Formula14, I have been able to train harder and get quicker. It's the reduced recovery time that I feel most. Now if SierraSil JF14 can help me, already in exceptional physical condition.

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