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Purica, Chaga Mushroom, 120 vcaps - CHAGA - Longevity & Anti-aging. Balances the immune system, optimizes the natural resistance against diseases and infections.
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Purica, Chaga Mushroom, 120 vcaps

Purica, Chaga Mushroom, 120 vcaps is manufactured by Purica

Shipped by Canada Post in Canada, USPS to the US

Chaga’s many health benefits include the prevention and treatment for an impressive amount and array of conditions and diseases:  various types of cancer, tumours (both malignant and non), respiratory infections and asthma, depression, various gastro-intestinal disorders, viral infections, skin lesions, injury, fatigue and irritability.

Among its various medicinal elements Chaga contains Beta Glucans, Anti-Oxidants and Melanin.  Beta Glucans are considered a potent immune system booster and assist with diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, influenza, and viral infections.  Chaga’s anti-oxidant levels may be the highest yet ever discovered, approximately 50 times that of blueberries.  Melanine can be difficult to find in nature, but Chaga possesses a rich amount to assist with skin cancers and other skin conditions.  Both the Ancient Chinese and Russians believed applying Chaga cream to the skin gave them fresher, younger looking skin, thus earning it the nickname “Mushroom of Immortality”.

Over 1300 scientific publications have published research on Chaga Mushrooms and its medicinal ingredients.  In fact, the World Health Organization has announced that a study in Australia demonstrated the mushrooms’ efficacy in treating cancer.  A search of PubMed reveals a number of Chaga studies in relation to its ability to fight cancer as well as other conditions.  By way of just one example, a 2011Korean study of its immunity-boosting and antibody production in mice concludes, “We suggest that IO (Chaga Mushroom) modulates immune responses through secretion of Th1/Th2 cytokines in immune cells and regulates antigen-specific antibody production.”1 The conclusions of the majority of studies are just as positive and would seem to beg for further clinical trials.

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