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Lorna Vanderhaeghe GlucoSmart 30 vcaps - Diabetic Support for Healthy Blood Sugar Control
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Lorna Vanderhaeghe GlucoSmart 30 vcaps

Glucosmart 30 veg caps
Glucosmart 30 veg caps
Lorna Vanderhaeghe GlucoSmart 30 vcaps
Lorna Vanderhaeghe GlucoSmart 30 vcaps is manufactured by Lorna Vanderhaeghe

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Diabetic Support for Healthy Blood Sugar Control

What to expect from GLUCOSMART:
  • GlucoSmart helps Blood sugar control
  • GlucoSmart stops male facial hair growth
  • GlucoSmart halts skin tags
  • GlucoSmart helps PCOS
  • GlucoSmart reduces belly fat
Each Capsule of GlucoSmart Contains:
D-Chiro-Inositol (ChirositolTM) (Carob Pods, Ceratonice Siliqua) ...... 600mg

Chirositol has been researched specifically for women with PCOS, acne, male facial hair growth, elevated androgrens (male hormones), belly fat, insulin resistance and diabetes.

Suggested GlucoSmart Usage: 1 capsule a day or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.


GLUCOSMART formulated by Lorna Vanderhaeghe author and womens health expert,  Formule par Lorna Vanderhaeghe, auteure et experte en santé féminine
Suggested Usage: 1 capsule a day or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. Take with food. Keep out of reach of children.

Usage : 1 capsule par jour ou selon les directives dun practicien de soins de santé. Prendre avec la nourriture. Garder hors de la portée des enfants.
Sealed for your protection and freshness/ pour votre protection et pour garder la fraîcheur.

This product does not contain artificial preservatives, colour or sweeteners; soy or wheat.
Ne contient pas dagents de conservation, colorant ou éducolorants artificiels; sans soja ni blé.


For over 25 years, a nutrient called D-Chiro-Inositol has been extensively studied at the Virginia Medical School. Over 30 published studies have been completed since 1979. Chirositol, which contains around 95 percent D-chiro-inositol derived from carob, is a new nutrient for the treatment of insulin-resistant conditions including metabolic syndrome also called syndrome X, Type 2 diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome, excess androgen-related conditions like male facial hair growth in women, belly fat and weight management. It has also been shown to reduce appetite and improve serotonin, our "happy" hormone. Reduced serotonin or poor metabolism of serotonin is linked to increased sugar cravings. So by modulating serotonin, chirositol helps control appetite.

Chirositol is a molecule that mediates insulin activity. It is structurally similar to glucose. By mimicking insulin activity, it helps control blood glucose levels, glucose storage or disposal of glucose in the cell. And it will not cause hypoglycemia or low blood sugar in those with normal blood sugar levels.

Beyond the compound's insulin metabolism and blood glucose control benefits, existing studies have also shown it is beneficial for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), building muscle and weight control. In those women with PCOS, weight gain around the hips and thighs, insulin resistance and higher than normal androgens (male hormones), and infertility due to not ovulating are major components of the disease. PCOS is a very challenging condition to treat and chirositol effectively reduced excess serum androgens and reduced weight gain and appetite. In women who also do not ovulate or have irregular periods associated with insulin resistance and PCOS, chirositol worked wonders. Most women with PCOS are overweight but for those that are thin and have PCOS, chirositol maintains normal blood sugar levels while normalizing ovulation, reducing excess circulating male hormones and normalizing menstrual cycles.

Remember that permanent weight loss requires stabilization of blood glucose and improved insulin sensitivity. Most of the glucose in your body comes from the carbohydrates you eat, so you must eat only good carbohydrates, not processed sugars, crackers, cookies, biscuits, bagels, and breads. It is not complicated - eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, with lots of variety and in moderation. Chirositol added to this program is an effective way to quickly normalize blood sugar and insulin. Use 600 mg per day of Chirositol with food.

GlucoSmart Research Links:
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Metformin Therapy Increases Insulin-Stimulated Release of D-Chiro-Inositol-Containing Inositolphosphoglycan Mediator in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Jean-Patrice Baillargeon, Maria J. Iuorno, Daniela J. Jakubowicz, Teimuraz Apridonidze, Na He and John E. Nestler. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism. 2004 Vol. 89, No. 1 242-249.

In 2002 the World Health Organization estimated that over 177 million people world wide have diabetes. By 2025, this figure will top 300 million. Over two million Canadians have diabetes. Of those with diabetes it is estimated that up to 80% will die as a result of heart dis ease or stroke. It is also estimated that another 2% of the population have it and do not know it.

Diabetics can either secrete little or no insulin, and/or their body does not respond appropriately to insulin, meaning it cannot transfer glucose from the bloodstream into cells and maintain healthy blood glucose balance.

When food is eaten the digestive system breaks it down into basic elements turning starches and sugars into glucose. Your pancreas produces insulin which helps the glucose get into the cells where it is used as energy. In Type 2 diabetes the body is unable to use insulin properly as the cell becomes resistant to insulin's message and as a result the glucose can not enter the cell and builds up in the blood stream. The pancreas then makes more insulin but the cells become even more resistant. Over time resistance to insulin exhausts the pancreas and it loses its ability to produce insulin. In those with this extreme form of insulin resistance insulin medication is often required.


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(3 Ratings, 1 Review) Average Rating:
It really works!
A Gibb (Calgary, AB) 12/29/2011 8:16 AM
I take 3 in the am and 3 in the afternoon (some people have said the 2x per day recommended dose works for them). It took about three months but I am seeing fantastic results. I've been using it for over a year now and am very happy with the product!

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