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AOR, Bacopa Enlighten, 60 vcaps - Bacopa Enlighten is Bacopa monniera Linn, a herb used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for support of cognitive function. Recent science supports this role along with powerful neuroprotective effects through the upregulation of the brain's own antioxidan
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AOR, Bacopa Enlighten, 60 vcaps

AOR Bacopa Enlighten - 60 caps
Bacopa Enlighten - 60 caps, aor vitamins supplements
AOR, Bacopa Enlighten, 60 vcaps is manufactured by AOR Supplements

Last updated on 12/5/2016

Bacopa Enlighten

  •  Protects the nervous system
  •  Boosts antioxidant defense
  •  Helps with memory and other mental functions

Bacopa Enlighten is Bacopa monnieri Linn, a herb used in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for support of cognitive function.

NPN Product Code Size Per Capsule Vegetarian
80009764 AOR04025 60 Vegi-Caps 300 mg Vegan
Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Vegi-Caps
Amount Per Serving

Bacopa monnieri [Brahmi] 30:1 extract* (50% bacosides A & B) 300 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose. Capsule:hypromellose, water.*Equivalent to 9000 mg Bacopa monnieri Linn (whole plant).

AOR Guarantees: that no ingredients not listed on the label have been added to the product. Contains no wheat, gluten, corn, nuts, dairy, soy, eggs, fish, shellfish or any animal byproducts.

Adult Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily, or as directed by a qualified health care practitioner.

Cautions: Consult a health care practitioner for use beyond 3 months. May cause nausea, dry mouth and fatigue.

Pregnancy/Nursing: Do not use

Bacopa monnieri Linn (Whole plant, standardized extract).

Main Indications:

  • Cognitive support
  • Neuroprotection
  • Anti-aging


Background Info

An Ancient Tradition

Bacopa monniera Linn (formerly Herpestis monniera), or water hyssop, is a creeping annual plant with succulent leaves and delicate mauve flowers. While it can be found throughout the world in marshy areas, Bacopa is revered in India, where it is known as Brahmi. The observation that this beautiful botanical supports cognitive function and promotes tranquility goes back to the very beginnings of Ayurveda, the traditional medical system of India. The two core Vedic medical texts, the Caraka Samhita (first to sixth centuries CE) and the Sushruta Samhita, which may go back into the early centuries BCE, both speak of its ability to provide a wide range of benefits to mental function. The later Bhavprakasa Varg-Prakarana informed readers that Brahmi “acts as a brain tonic and promotes longevity.”


The Gateway to Infant Intelligence

Even today, newborn babies in India are ceremonially anointed with Bacopa in the belief that it will open the gateway of intelligence, and children are given Bacopa teas and syrups to promote their mental development. In such a cultural context, it is therefore not surprising that most of the earlier human Bacopa trials were performed in children. In one double-blind, placebo controlled study, 110 boys aged 10 to 13 of average intelligence (as measured on IQ tests) took either a Bacopa supplement or a dummy wafer every day for 9 months. Before and after starting the supplement program, the boys took a battery of tests for brain function, including intelligence, memory, and reaction time.  At the end of the trial, there were no significant improvements in the cognitive functioning of the boys who had been given the dummy wafers. But math skills, direct memories, and several subtests of a variation on the IQ tests were all significantly improved in the boys who took the Bacopa supplement.

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Anxiety, Productivity & Blood Pressure

Studies have now also been performed in adults. One of them focused on people with anxiety disorders – another aspect of cognitive function for which Bacopa is traditionally believed to be helpful. After four weeks of taking a Bacopa syrup, a group of 35 workers with anxiety were found to have improved memory, less anxiety, better social adjustment (as measured by the Asthana-Bell adjustment inventory), and less mental fatigue at work – something measurable in terms of greater work output. The supplement also very slightly lowered their systolic blood pressure, from 117 to 112 mmHg.

Good Things Take Time

All of these effects were mild, however – probably because of the short duration of the trial. A longer (twelve-week), better-designed study on the brain-boosting powers of Bacopa has given the herb a much stronger endorsement. Australian researchers performed a double-blind, placebo-controlled study involving 46 healthy men and women. The whole group took a battery of neuropsychological tests. Then, half of this group took 300 mg daily of a Bacopa supplement (carefully standardized to contain at least 50% of the two known active markers, bacosides A and B) while the other half took a placebo.

The participants were re-tested five weeks later, and again at the twelve week mark. No significant differences between the folks taking the real supplement and those taking the bogus pill were reported after the first five weeks – a fact which might explain why the effects in the four-week syrup study, discussed above, were so mild. But at the end of the twelve-week study, compared to the group taking the placebo pill, men and women supplementing with Bacopa showed significant improvements in cognitive function, processing visual information 15% faster as measured by the inspection time (IT) test, showing a 14% greater rate of learning, a 33% lower rate of forgetting, verbal information, along with a remarkable 108% better ability to consolidate new information without interference from previously-learned data (“proactive interference”) – all detected by Rey’s Auditory Verbal Learning Test (AVLT), still the standard for verbal learning tests.

Safe and Sound

Few side effects were seen in the study, the most notable being an increase in thirst and urination. And, interestingly, the people taking Bacopa actually suffered fewer headaches than did those getting the dummy pills!

Neuroprotective Effects in Animals

Recent animal studies have given us some exciting clues about the potential neuroprotective effects of this Ayurvedic secret. Bacopa has been shown to protect animals from drug-induced memory losses and the depletion of the key memory neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the hippocampus – the seahorse-shaped organ of the brain responsible for sorting new information for storage into memory. It has also been found to increase the synthesis of new protein in the rodent brain. But the most exciting of the recent animal studies shows that Bacopa boosts the brain’s production of the key protective antioxidant enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase (GSH-Px), and catalase (CAT). In this, Bacopa is closely paralleling the effects of deprenyl (selegiline), a drug prescribed for Parkinson’s disease, which is also being taken by many people in the life extension movement because animal studies suggest that it has potent anti-aging effect. Remarkably, however, the effects of Bacopa were shown to be even broader ranging than those of deprenyl: Bacopa cranked up levels of these enzymes in every tested area of the brain, while deprenyl failed to upregulate these enzymes in the hippocampus.

Proven Benefits

Bolstering brain function and relieving anxiety, while gearing up the brain’s ability to defend itself from free radical assault, Bacopa forges new steel from the carbon of ancient wisdom and the iron of today’s neuroscience.

Market Trends

Natural ways to protect improve the function of the brain is a common concern. Some of the natural ingredients that people are using to improve brain function include antioxidants, botanicals and herbal supplements.

AOR Advantage

Bacopa Enlighten is an extract of a traditional Ayurvedic plant that has been safely used for centuries to support the function of the brain. It has powerful protective effects on the brain and nervous system and has been found in clinical studies to boost mental function.

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