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10 Reasons to Love Mega Food Vitamins

Mega Is Fresh - Concentrates are made with fresh, colorful and raw whole foods, not refined food powders or juices.

Mega Is Pure - Tested FREE of Pesticides and Herbicides. Tested FREE of Gluten and Soy. Nothing artificial and NO preservatives.

Mega Is Artisan - Fresh farm partners, customized Refractance Window Dryer and hand blended batches give us the ability to only craft the finest in whole food supplements.

Mega Is Potent - 100% Whole Food Nutrients are readily recognized and utilized by the body - significantly better than vitamins and minerals alone. You can take lower potencies with better results. Less is more with whole food.

Mega Is Digestible - Can be taken on an empty stomach without any upset to a sensitive system. Its food!

Mega Is Quality - MegaFood tests and validates both nutrient potency and ingredient purity.

Mega Is Unique - Through our partnerships and production facilities, MegaFood is the only whole food supplement company to have control over the integrity of the ingredients from harvest to tablet.

Mega Is Green - Commitment to select organic and fresh locally grown foods is just one of many ways we nourish our planet, while we nourish your life.

Mega Is Guaranteed - Stands behind the quality and effectiveness of all of the products. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. When you are happy, we are happy.

Mega Is Food - 100% Whole Food Nutrients, not inactive isolates. Only whole food can fully replenish and nourish the body. As nature intended.

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